'A creature of legend, its monstrous form stalks the cursed woodlands of its mystical domain. In exchange for the twisted advantages offered by its dark magic, the Beast’s disciples cater to its every need, no matter the cost.'

When a couple of swindlers arrive in an off-the-map village to reap the fruits of their ill-gotten scam, little do they realise that they have unlocked the arcane spell that enshrouds a place that is anything but a safe harbour.

DIRECTOR: Raine McCormack

WRITERS: Raine McCormack, John Hoernschemeyer

STATUS: Filming


Producer Jon Thompson joins Harbour - March 22nd 2016

Beth Park to Star in Harbour as Rebecca - Jan 21st 2016

Rebecca Johnson Joins Harbour as Emily - Jan 20th 2016

'Filth' Star Therese Bradley Cast in Harbour - Jan 19th 2016

Poldark's Richard Hope Joins Cast of Harbour - Jan 15th 2016

Robert Vernon Joins the Cast of Harbour - Jan 4th 2016

Sidney Kean Signs to Harbour- Jan 4th 2016

Low Light Test Footage - Dec 24th 2015




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